Underground Abductions: Whereto?


On page 175 of Alien Identities, Dr. Richard L Thompson ( http://www.afn.org/~bvi ) relates an underground abduction case where the underground base was accessed through the sea by UFO:
“ On the evening of January 3, 1979, Cardenas, his friend Fernando Marti, and Marti’s wife and 13 year old daughter were driving around on the outskirts of Hialeah, looking for a pig they could buy for a roast. They were unsuccessful, and on the way home their car engine quit.

The two men testified that the lights and starter wouldn’t work, and so they got out and began to look under the hood. At this point, they suddenly saw red and violet alternating lights reflecting off the engine and heard a sound like ‘many bees.’ ... Filiberto felt paralyzed, and he began to rise in the air shouting “ Don’t take me, don’t take me.” Later he recounted a strange and elaborate story that began when he awoke to find himself sitting, paralyzed, in the presence of a robot-like being and two men in tight-fitting suits. ... Filiberto said the alien beings looked quite human. They had elongated eyes with eyelashes, small flattened noses, long lipless mouths, and light beards. They also wore a symbol on the right of their chests, consisting of a serpent on a lazy X.

The story becomes even more extraordinary: The beings proceeded to take Filiberto to an underground base, traveling beneath the sea at high speed through a tunnel of “ firmed water “ that seemed to open in front of the craft so that water did not touch it. At the base, he met a human who was working with the aliens, and he was led through what seemed like a city.”

Dr. Thompson goes on to relate that Filiberto had several experiences while in this underground base accessed through the sea, some of them biological, some of them suggestive of mind control, then he was finally dropped of again on the surface.

And here is another account of an underground UFO abduction: “When hypnosis was used to probe her 1967 abduction, Betty Andreason (Alien Identities, page 201) recalled being taken in a UFO through a tunnel bored through solid rock. This tunnel led through a strange landscape with a view of an ocean, a distant city and a pyramid surrounded by an 'Egyptian head' She was conducted by two entities along an elevated track to a place where she saw a vivid enactment of the Egyptian myth of the Phoenix, a giant bird that consumes itself with fire and is then resurrected from the ashes.”

An account from the Bhagavat Purana, Canto Nine, Canto 3, Texts 28 – 29, does not describe abductions, nor materialistic nor demoniac beings, but it does describe an underground kingdom, in this case an undersea one. “ King Saryati begot three sons, named Uttanabarhi, Anarta and Bhurishena. From Anarta came a son named Revata. Oh Maharaj Parikshit, subduer of the enemies, this Revata constructed a kingdom known as Kushasthali in the depths of the ocean. There he lived and rules such tracts of land as Anarta, etc. He had 100 very nice sons, of whom the eldest was Kakudmi.”

It seems that not all UFO abductees end up being taken to mother ships en route to different worlds, and that not all who remain in this world stay on the surface- some end up below the surface.

Dr. Thompson opens up the section entitled “ Abductions and Crossbreeding “ with the following words on the folklore of Northern Europe: “ Abduction is a standard theme in traditional fairy tales (which must be distinguished from the expurgated versions intended for modern children ). In these stories, men and children are often abducted out of lust by fairies of the opposite sex. Children are also taken, and it is said that a fairy child, called a changeling, may be substituted for a human child. Just as we find in UFO cases, it seems that sex desire and genetic considerations are involved in these abductions. In support of this, Vallee cited Edwin Hartland, a scholar of fairy traditions, as to the reasons people in Northern European countries gave for this abduction of children: ‘ The motive usually assigned to fairies in Northern stories is that of preserving and improving their race, on the one hand by carrying off human children to be brought up among the elves and to become united with them, and on the other hand by obtaining the milk and fostering care of human mothers for their own offspring.’”

He then narrates several legends which illustrate such abductions very nicely on page 300 of Alien Identities:

"Here is a traditional Celtic story in which the abduction theme is combined with a visit from another world. The Sidhe-king Manannan Mac Lir once got tired of his wife Fand, and she went to Ireland with her sister Libian with the hope of marrying the hero Cuchulainn. They took the form of to birds and rested on a lake in Ulster where Cuchulainn could see them while hunting.The hero tried to capture them but failed, and feeling depressed by this, he sat down by a menhir ( megalithic stone monument ) and went to sleep. Then he saw two women, dressed in green and crimson cloaks, who alternately struck him with a whiplike object. After this, he took to his bed with a strange illness that no Druid or doctor in Ireland could cure.

For a year, Cuchulainn lay sick without speaking to anyone. Then an unknown messenger came to him and sang a song promising to cure him of his malady if he would accept the invitation of the daughters of Aed Abrat to visit them in the other world. He returned to the place where he had taken sick and again saw the woman with the green cloak. She identified herself as Libian and asked him to go with her to the Plain of Delight to fight Labraid's enemies. She promised him that as a reward he would obtain Fand as his wife.

In due course, he did this, overthrew Labraid's enemies, and remained in the other world with Fand for a month. Then he returned to Ireland and immediately got into trouble with his wife Emer, who was exceedingly jealous of Fand. Emer obtained from the Druids a drink that caused Cuchulainn to forget all about the otherworld, and Manannan Mac Lir decided to take back Fand. Thus Cuchulainns's abduction into the realm of Sidhe was relatively brief.

The otherworld of the Celts has various names, such as Avalon, Tir na nog ( Land of Youth ) and Plain of Delight. Examination of the stories makes it clear that this realm would have to exist in a higher dimension. To reach it, one must go to the right place in a three-dimensional space, and then one must travel in a mystical fashion that we do not understand. We can speak of this as an extra dimension of travel in to the three we are familiar with.

Since the other world can be reached by mystical travel from this world, we can speak of it as a parallel reality. This idea can be understood by imagining jumping back and forth between two parallel planes which are close together. The planes represent the parallel realities, and the jumping corresponds to the higher-dimensional travel.

Time Dilation: This brings us to another theme common in both Vedic and Celtic stories of mystical travel- the idea that time passes more slowly in the otherworld than it does in our world. The Celtic story of Ossian illustrates this. Ossian was enticed into Tir na nog by a beautiful Siddhe princess. He married her and lived for 300 of our years in her world. Finally, however, he felt an overpowering desire to return to Ireland and participate in the counsels of the Fenian Brotherhood. He set out on the same white horse which had taken him to the otherworld, and his fairy wife warned him not to lay his foot on the level ground.

On reaching Ireland, he searched for the brotherhood but found that all his old companions had passed away and the country as quite changed. Only then did he realize how long he had truly been away. Unfortunately, at some point a certain incident forced him to dismount, and upon touching the Earth he immediately turned into a feeble, blind old man.

In European folklore there are many stories with similar elements, including the entry into another world, and the aging or death of the protagonist when he realizes how much time has passed in our world during his absence. Here is a similar story dating back to the early 19th century. In the vale of Neat, Wales, two farm workers named Rhya and Llewellyn were walking home one night. Rhys was attracted by the sound of some mysterious music, but Llewellyn heard nothing. So Llewellyn continued home while Rhys stayed back to dance to the tune he had heard. The next day, Rhys didn’t show up, and after a fruitless search, Llewellyn was jailed on suspicion of murder. 

However, a man learned in fairy lore guessed what had happened. On his advice, a party of men accompanied Llewellyn to the spot where Rhys was last seen. At this spot, Llewellyn could hear the music of harps because his foot was touching a “ fairy ring.” When each of the other members of the party put his foot on Llewellyn’s, he could hear the music, too, and could see many little people dancing in a circle. Rhys was among them. When Llewellyn pulled him out of the circle, Rhys declared that he had only been dancing five minutes. He could not be convinced that so much time had passed, and he became depressed, fell ill, and soon died." [ End of Alien ID narration ]

What is important for the reader to consider is that the other realms to which the elves, gnomes, wee folk and the like take their abductees are underground, or accessed from points underground. Some definitions from the essay Deep Dwellers by Mike Mott expound on this. The reader may note that these underground worlds are not synonymous with the hollow portion of the Earth, nor are any of the underground worlds mentioned in this essay. Rather, they relate to some inner crust existence.

Mike Mott: “ their subterranean countries were Alfheim, a land of eternal twilight, and home to the unpredictable but often mild-tempered elf-folk; and Svartalfheim, the kingdom of the dark elves or dwarves, a stunted, hairy, unfriendly race which was nevertheless quite clever in terms of technological skills. Nidvellir was another kingdom of the dwarves, perhaps not as negatively-disposed toward humanity as those of Svartalfheim. Muspelheim, land of the fire-giants, was also reached via Yggdrasil, but was separated from all other reaches by the width of the great vastness of Ginnungagap. Muspelheim was located in the far southern reaches of the underworld realms.”

The reader can now give new validity to the well-known fairy tale The Pied Piper of Hamlin. In the piper story, we see a similar thread as was present in the other abduction stories: enchantment and abduction leading to the underground.

According to Linda Davis, who is the Founder/President of the “ Garden of Missing Children Society,” in 1998 some 400,000 children disappeared in the U.S.A. ( http://www.gomcs.org ). Kidnapping, runaways, child trade- and double reporting -  can account for a good deal of the total, but what about the rest? We do not want to sensationalize at the expense of the worry of North American mothers, but could it be that some children have been taken underground by the demons of Vedic lore?

It seems that the surface population of our planet has abandoned, or has been torn away from, its Vedic past, along with the protection provided by Vedic culture’s implicit connection with the Vedic demigod culture and especially Shree Vishnu. Maybe now we are, to a large degree, subject to these underground demons who are taking advantage for their own purposes- We who live a short life under the harsh, unrefined rays of the Sun while these abusive, asuric communities shelter themselves within the crust of the Earth

By Dean Dominic De Lucia

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