The Female, Amazon Warriors!

By Dean Dominic De Lucia

The tunnel systems that span the length and breadth of the Andes Mountains are fairly well known about, as we venture into the 21st Century. In the book Gold of the Gods, Eric Von Daniken tells of being taken through a tunnel in Peru that went down, down, down towards the ocean. After several miles he came back because he didn't want to be intrusive and access the cavern worlds below.

And the tales of tunnel systems below Cuzco, Peru, are not few. One such tale “tells of a treasure-hunter who went into the tunnels and wandered through the maze for several days. One morning, about a week after the adventurer had vanished, a priest was conducting mass in the Church of Santo Domingo. The priest and his congregation were suddenly astonished to hear sharp rappings from beneath the Churchs stone floor. Several worshippers crossed their hearts and murmured about the Devil. The priest quieted his congregation; then directed the removal of the large stone slab from the floor (This had been a temple of the Sun but had been converted to Christian use). The congregation was astonished to see the treasure-hunter emerge with a bar of gold in each hand.” (Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America, Page 64, by David Hatcher Childress)

What to speak of folkloric tales, there was an expedition by the University of Lima in 1923 which was documented in the Serie Documental del Peru. “They took measurements of the subterranean aperture and advanced in the direction of the coast. After a few days, members of the expedition at the entrance of the tunnel lost contact with the explorers inside, and no communication came for twelve days. Then a solitary explorer came to the entrance, starving. His reports of an underground labyrinth of tunnels and deadly obstacles would make an Indiana Jones movie seem tame by comparison. His tale was so incredible that his colleagues declared him mad. To prevent further loss of life in the tunnel, the police dynamited the entrance.” (IBID)

What is not so very familiar as we venture into the 21st Century are the cavern worlds of the female tribes of Amazon warriors.

Perhaps we need to establish in the mind of the readers that the female Amazon warriors truly existed in the first place (they still exist). Does the reader know that there was once an encounter between the female Amazons and Spanish explorers; it stands out because of its authenticity. This encounter occurred on June 24, 1542, in a village near the confluence of the Amazon and Trombetus Rivers. At this time, a Spanish expedition under the command of Francisco De Orellana fought at close quarters with the Amazon warriors, this is to say that the Spaniards were close enough to see them because they killed some Amazons with musket fire. Thus, the chronicler who accompanied them and participated in the battle, Friar Gaspar De Carvajal, wrote that the Spanish force killed twelve of them, “that we were able to see. (This writer has read the friar's reports in Spanish) The Spaniards reported standing across from the female warriors and seeing them within the ranks, marshalling the native fighters.

The proximity of this description makes it evident that the Spanish descriptions should not be taken lightly. And what were those descriptions? According to Friar Gaspar De Carvajal, the Amazons were very tall, taller than the Spaniards, and very strong. One of the Spaniards witnessed an Amazon warrior impale an arrow a span (from pinky fingernail to thumbnail) into the wooden hull of their brigantine, from a distance. The Spaniards were very respectful that this female warrior had such strength that she could do this. Another aspect of the Amazon warriors that the Spanish Friar put in writing was that they had “very fair” complections; and keep in mind that the Spaniards were at close quarters with them. And  there were other descriptions as to the existence of a tall, white-complected race that the Spaniards had met further up, closer to the Peruvian region; but they were men and not a society of females like the Amazons.  

Specifically, this other described contact had taken place in March or April of 1542. It so happened that Orellana and his men were visited by four “natives” who were described by the Friar as being “quite fairly complected and [who] had very fine hair.” They were “splendidly attired” (in the middle of the Amazon jungle?!) and bedecked with gold. They displayed ease of manner, good breeding and true modesty such that, all told, their only claim to being natives” is that they hailed from the Amazon basin. Not only were they so very fair in their complexion, but they were a span (9 inches) taller than the tallest Spaniard; which could easily put them a foot taller than the average Spaniard. Who would expect to find such humans so deep within the Amazon jungle; and how could this be so? Where did their fine manners come from if the indians of the continent displayed very little of that?

One conclusion that we can derive from such documented evidence written down by a Catholic friar, i.e., someone who had formal studies under his belt, is that these people were there, in the Amazon region, among the indians but they weren't indians.

Now, in the book Secret Cities of Old South America by Harold T. Wilkins, there is a good bit of material about the Amazons and their underground existence. We can consider the following from Page 152:

"Peter Martyr of Angleria, who ran a school for nobles at the court of Queen Isabella of Spain, wrote into his De Novo Orbo of contemporary stories of the discoveries made by Columbus in the Caribbean. On his first voyage, some of the natives were sent prisoner to old Spain and they and others, later set free, affirmed that the Ilse of Martinique was inhabited only by women."

From Peter's book: "It seems that the cannibals went, at certain times of the year, to visit these women, exactly as the Thracians passed to the Isle of Lesbos, where dwelt the Amazons. When the children of this union were weaned, they would send the boys back to the fathers, but keep the girls. It is claimed that the women know of great, great, great subterraneans (caverns, vaults or tunnels) where they hide themselves; so that if men try to visit them before the agreed time or they they attempt to use force to enter these tunnels or adopt trickery or ruses. The women defend themselves with arrows, and they know how to shoot them with skill. That is at least what they have said, and I repeat it to you."

Page 186, IBID: "The native legends speak of different Amazon exoduses. Those of the Paytunae and Yace-tapere say that the Amazon women vanished in the center of the territory (the middle of the Earth) ...." The comment about the middle of the earth is from the author, Harold T. Wilkins; the comment wasn't mine nor biased by my perspectives on underground worlds. Apparently, he made a word-for-word translation but passed on the commonly understood meaning. 

Page 187: "An indian of São Joaquim de Omaguas told us that there might be still found, at Coari, an old man whose father had seen the Amazons. At Coari, we heard that this old man was dead, but we spoke with his son who seemed to be 70 years old and who was also the Chief of the same village. He stated that his grandfather had indeed seen those women pass, at the mouth of the River Cochiuera; that they came from the Cayamé, which debouches into the Amazon River on the south side ... and that he had spoken to four of the women, of whom one had an infant at her breast ... and they took the road to The Rio Negro."

Just because the Amazons were seen in exodus does not prove that they migrated to different surface regions and not to their subterranean worlds. What is proven by observation is that they existed and merely that, at times and for whatever reasons, they trekked overland. There is, then, an indication associating the female, Amazon warriors and underground worlds.

A couple of days after the June 24, 1542 encounter with the Amazon warriors, Captain Orellana's men captured an indian trumpeter and messenger. Orellana was able to question him a bit. He asked the indian about the female warriors, and the indian was very well able to inform the Spaniard because he was one of the messengers from a large township of indians, a tribe, and he had the job of hauling tribute to the very villages of the Amazons and doing yeoman service. According to him, these villages were located some seven days inland from the river shore(near the Trombetus and Amazon Rivers). He reported that they lived in stone constructions having regular doors, and that there were five very large temples of stone, which was where the Amazon queen resided; this was different from the indian communities whose homes were built with straw. Also, he told that access by men was very restricted; they simply weren't allowed in, and the few who were allowed on business had to leave by sundown. So this prisoner was a good source of information and a rare find.

Captain Orellana continued, and the indian offered the following information, (from Friar Carvajals report): “The Captain asked if these women bore children; the indian answered that they did. The Captain asked him how – with their not being married, and there being no man residing among them  did they become pregnant. He said that, although the Amazons consorted with indian men on rare occasions when they were taken by the mood, that it was more typical that they would assemble a great horde of warriors and go off to make war on a very great overlord whose neighboring tribe was not far from the land of these women, but further North, and that by force they brought captives to their own land and kept them for the time that suited their caprice, and that after they found themselves pregnant they sent them back to their country without doing them any harm. Afterwards, when the time came for them to have children, if they gave birth to male children, they killed them or sent them to their fathers, and if they gave birth to female children, they raised them with great solemnity and instructed them in the arts of war.”The members of this tribe were described as being also of “very great stature”, and also fair-complected and numerous.

An confidential aside is in order. We have already seen that the close-up combat encounter brought a description of tall, fair-skinned ladies. And, not even three months prior, directly upstream and to the West, we read in the friar's chronicles that the Spaniards had personally met and conversed with men that matched the descriptions of the Amazons because both groups were described as being of very fair complexion and very tall. Finally, we see that the indian messenger-trumpeter prisoner offered information to the Spaniards about how there was a third, fair-skinned population yet further North, on the other side of the Amazon queendom, having that same tall stature, et cetera.

We must, therefore, upon mature consideration of this first description of Amazon consorting, logically conclude that if the Amazon ladies did go as far as to procreate with the short, stocky, dark indians of the Amazon basin, then after merely a few generations, the gene pool would have been extinguished and there would have remained no such tall, fair-skinned warriors, females or otherwise; thus, not much pregnancy was produced in this way, and any contact the native indians must have been scant, indeed. More than likely, they did consort with the local indians when they felt the urge, but we should remember that the captive messenger stated that they sought out, captured and spent  months with the tall, fair-complected men of the tribe further North for the specific purpose of procreation. Because of this more constant and longer-lasting association we can substantiate that their light-complected race was conserved even within the South American continent.  

In spite of the testimony gathered by Orellanas expedition to the effect that there was a population along the Amazon River of more than a million, the Amazons and their indian vassals largely disappeared from the land along the Amazon River within a decade or so after the Orellana expedition. It is hard to believe that the Spaniards and Portuguese, having only brief contact with the local indians, transmitted so much in the way of disease-ridden viruses and bacteria that in excess of a million indians died so quickly. 

However, the case of the Amazons proper was different. The Amazons were a caste apart, a population apart, and their mixing with the locals was scant and something that happened only on occasion, according to the messenger-trumpeter prisoner. There had not been enough interaction to change their fair-complected gene pool, so it becomes far-fetched that the Amazon race would have been exterminated by an infected indian population. And, also according to the messenger-trumpeter captive, the Amazons were very numerous. The captive knew of at least 70 villages, and the Spaniards of the Orellana expedition had always claimed a population of various thousands per village that they had observed from the river. Seventy villages multiplied by even four thousand would give a population of 350,000, well over a quarter of a million, and such an Amazon population that did maintain itself apart would not simply drop dead due to venereal disease among the separate indian population, within a decade or two, because of some scant contact.

By the way, the contact between the indians and the Spaniards of the expedition was not of the type that would any involve sexual contact worth mentioning. The Spaniards were in a desperate state of mind for months on end and their purpose in visiting villages was only to conduct lightning raids and forcefully procure food, that's all; the friar actually described that their purpose was food due to the fact that they struggled constantly with a lack of food supply and hunger. There was always resistance, and the Spaniards always had to fight their way out and make a run for their lives. When did they ever have the opportunity to take time out for some sex? Nothing like that was described; not even indirectly.

So, what could possibly explain the disappearance of the Amazon population from the Amazon River region? Thanks to the testimony from indians of the Caribbean and the Paytunae and Yace-tapere, we do know that it was typical for the Amazons to live in underground worlds, and this is the key. It is very possible that the Amazon warriors, realizing that the end of an era had come, retreated into their subterranean worlds.

There was another case involving the Spaniards which seems to suggest the same phenomenon. Hernán Cortés held Emperor Montezuma captive and demanded ransom. When a long convoy of pack animals approached, laden with gold treasures, Cortés killed the emperor anyway, which embittered and shocked the members of the convoy so much that they fled. The Spaniards went and saddled their horses, then gave chase. But even though only about a half an hour could have had passed, the slow-moving convoy and animals had disappeared down the road. To where? The Spaniards were good horsemen, knew the art of war and did reconnoiter, but they found nothing, not a trace. It has been suggested that the convoy passed through a tunnel entrance and quickly fled underground.

The reader might remember that this was also reported in the case of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The piper stopped and played a certain sequence on his flute, and a cave entrance opened. After they passed through, the door shut behind them in a seamless way, quickly, and without giving a hint as to the existence of an opening.

There has been other testimony to the existence of underground worlds so large that they hold entire cities within. As follows is some testimony that we reproduce from Alien Identities, by Doctor Richard L. Thompson, Page 171: 
The two men testified that the lights and starter wouldnt work, and so they got out and began to look under the hood. At this point, they suddenly saw red and violet alternating lights reflecting off the engine and heard a sound like many bees. ... Filiberto felt paralyzed, and he began to rise in the air shouting “ Dont take me, dont take me.” Later he recounted a strange and elaborate story that began when he awoke to find himself sitting, paralyzed, in the presence of a robot-like being and two men in tight-fitting suits. ... Filiberto said the alien beings looked quite human. They had elongated eyes with eyelashes, small flattened noses, long lipless mouths, and light beards. They also wore a symbol on the right of their chests, consisting of a serpent on a lazy X.

The story becomes even more extraordinary: The beings proceeded to take Filiberto to an underground base, traveling beneath the sea at high speed through a tunnel of "firmed water" that seemed to open in front of the craft so that the water did not touch it. At the base, he met a human who was working with the aliens, and he was led through what seemed like a city.” Page 210, IBID

"And here is another account of an underground UFO abduction: When hypnosis was used to probe her 1967 abduction, Betty Andreason (Alien Identities, page 201) recalled being taken in a UFO through a tunnel bored through solid rock. This tunnel led through a strange landscape with a view of an ocean, a distant city and a pyramid surrounded by an 'Egyptian head'. She was conducted by two entities along an elevated track to a place where she saw a vivid enactment of the Egyptian myth of the Phoenix, a giant bird that consumes itself with fire and is then resurrected from the ashes."

So there is enough to go on to accept that there are underground tunnel systems and worlds below. Surely the Amazons are still there, biding their time. In fact, the Shining Path guerilla movement is active in an area which is deemed to be one of the traditional regions of the Amazons, i.e., the Peruvian Amazon jungle region. And that guerilla movement is female dominated; the current leader is a woman, and the hierarchy and infantry guerillas are at least half female. Hmmm ...



Shall we try to gain access and discover them? Or respect their privacy ... and their sharp arrows!


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